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Visual Budget is a website that helps people understand the U.S. federal budget. Designed to appeal to everyone from policy makers to high school students, Visual Budget makes complex, dense data engaging, exciting, and interactive. The central goal of Visual Budget is to engage citizens in a meaningful way with the federal budget. We want to spark their interest, demystify our country’s fiscal challenges and provide a platform for data-driven policy discussions.

This is a preview of the software we have built so far.

We have been developing using the latest version of the Google Chrome browser on a desktop computer, and you will have the best experience if you use it too. Since this is a prototype, on other browsers and platforms there may be goofy behaviors or display quirks. Also note that many links on this preview webpage simply haven’t been developed yet and they don’t really go anywhere. Notwithstanding the unfinished state, we hope this preview gives you a glimpse of the direction we are pursuing in the prototype.


Currently Visual Budget's Prototype Preview is by invitation only. To continue, please enter your Visual Budget Invitation Code which we provided to you in an email.

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Our Debt to China

How much of the deficit comes from China? What are the other sources?

Top Charts

Us vs. Them

How does the U.S. budget compare to other countries?

Tax Breakdown

Individual and corporate taxes broken down by income brackets and other demographics.

Visual Budget is a cutting-edge data-visualization web site. It explains all the complicated ins and outs of the US Federal Budget using interactive charts and motion graphics. It is a tool that lets citizens like you and me understand this important issue, armed with the latest most comprehensive facts and figures. It brings a new breadth of knowledge to our political discourse and helps us share our opinions with artistic power.